Get To Know Us


We have carefully and tirelessly researched & tested all our products to make sure that each one is unique.
We have combined ingredients that would make you wonder what it tastes like, flavor combinations that will interest your tastebuds and textures that would enrich your every bite.

We take the ordinary add our little “extra” and make it into Wheatberry


In the name of health we do not want to compromise with the   “shelf life” of our customers so we make our bakery products with real eggs, butter and milk — NO SUBSTITUTE. When you take a bite of our ensaymada or our Tutti Frutti cake, what you taste are milk, butter, sugar and eggs.
NO PRESERVATIVES to prolong the shelf life.

Buy it fresh … eat it fresh.


Not just sweet, but salty, tangy and bittersweet as well. Flavor is our main character and we want her to shine. We are conscious with the amount of sugar that we put in our products, so we strive only to put just the right amount. Sugar is our best friend but her role is secondary only to our main ingredients like chocolate, butter, lemon, eggs, etc.  Sugar acts as our enhancer and not as a main ingredient, so when you taste our Blueberry Cheesecake, the first bite will leave an explosion of blueberries in your mouth with the taste made more distinct with the help of sugar.


Spaghetti noodles cooked al dente, Dulce de leche cheesecake so rich and creamy many mistake it for leche flan while others describe the experience of eating it as “orgasmic”.
Baguettes that when toasted are crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.
Aside from flavor we are particular with how our products should feel in your mouth.  We want our customers to experience a complete taste experience when they bite into our products.

Flavor and texture, for us they go hand in hand,like butter and eggs.


When you eat in our cafe, we want you to feel full and satisfied so we designed our servings to be generous. Our cakes are not made big by lots of overly sweet icing but full real cake sandwiched in with just the right amount of icing to make the combination truly inspiring. Our breads are compact and not full of air, our bread fillings are lean meat and not extended by fats and other extenders.

We want your belly full and not craving for more!


We are affordable because we make and serve good quality products.  For a Php 650.00 Mango May cake, you get fresh eggs delivered daily to our kitchens, butter and milk made from Australia, fresh mangoes from Pangasinan, an experienced baker to make your cake & a nice air-conditioned place with ample parking to buy it from.

What more can you ask for? In Wheatberry your hard earned money is well spent.


From a simple oven-baked pan de sal to an intimate conversation over a cup of Italian brewed coffee and a slice of ChocolateAmaretto cake …
From a shot of expresso to wake you up at 10 in the evening to an elegant wedding cake made by our own artistic cake decorators
From a hearty serving of our chili beef to spice up your life to special occasions celebrated in our own private function room.

From our kitchen to your homes

We are your neighborhood bakery.


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