Chocolates & Confections

Meringue Kisses
      -Meringue shaped like chocolate kisses dipped in dark Belgian chocolate. Php150.00
Tropical Fruit Clusters
      -Dried mangoes, jackfruit and papaya enrobed with dark Belgian chocolate. Php165.00
Cookie Bites (260g)
      -Bite-size oatmeal, choco walnut and peanut butter cookies. Php70.00
Brownie Bites (39 pcs.)
      -Bite-size brownie pieces. Php190.00
Cornflake Cluster
      -Honey coated cornflakes with dark chocolate. Truly addictive!. Php180.00
Rocky Road Cluster
      -Peanuts, marshmallow, rice krispies and dark chocolate combined for that all time favorite treat. Php180.00
Food for the Gods
      -Dates in rhum with walnuts and spices. Php230.00
Mamon Tostado
      -One of our bestsellers! Rich in egg and sugar. You can surely taste the difference. Php55.00

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