Add-On Stations/Bars

PIZZA STATION                                NACHO BAR

6″ thin pizza with choice of 2 flavors              warm nachos served with cheese 

(Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Grilled Veggie)         sauce, tomato salsa, ground beef, 

      ICE CREAM BAR w/ toppings                    ICE CREAM BAR w/o toppings
vanilla ice cream with 8 toppings                   assorted flavors of ice cream 

to choose from: mini marshmallows,            with choice of wafer cones or
crushed oreos, mini chocolate sticks,            cups 

blueberry topping, strawberry topping,
candy sprinkles, chocolate sauce,                    


(served in plastic cups)                                          

CANDY BAR                                                       DESSERT BAR 

10 varieties of candies, chocolates &                      A combination of pastries, 

other sweet treats                                                            chocolates and candies to 

100 servings/100g per serving                                 satisfy every sweet tooth. 





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