Party Food Trays

STARTERS    (good for 15 persons)
– Bacon & Cheesesticks Php1,500.00
– Crispy Wings Php1,500.00
– Clubhouse Sandwich Php1,100.00
PASTA    (good for 15 persons)
– Spicy Seafood Php1,700.00
– Spaghetti with Tomato Meat Sauce Php1,400.00
– Carbonara Php1,300.00
– Puttanesca Php1,300.00
– Chicken Parmesan Php1,600.00
– Chicken Pesto Php1,600.00
– Beef Lasagna Php1,600.00
SPECIALTIES    (good for 15 persons)
– Breaded Fish with TarTar Sauce Php1,200.00
– Pan Fried Fish with Mango Salsa Php1,350.00
– Fish Florentine Php1,400.00
– Creamy Pesto Fish Php1,400.00
– Sweet & Sour Fish Php1,400.00
– Chicken Cordon Bleu Php1,600.00
– Chicken Pastel Php1,200.00
– Cajun Fried Chicken Php1,500.00
– Roasted Chicken Php1,600.00
– Chicken Teriyaki Php1,500.00
– Pineapple Chicken with Bacon Php1,600.00
– Lemon Chicken Php1,500.00
– Garlic Butter Chicken Php1,600.00
– Garlic Pork Steak Php1,800.00
– Breaded PorkChop with Provencal Sauce Php1,700.00
– Pork Ham Steak Php1,600.00
– Pork Hamonado Php1,600.00
– Pork Asado Php1,600.00
– Pork BBQ with Corn & Bellpepper Php1,800.00
– Beef Pot Roast Php2,500.00
– Beef Brocolli Php2,300.00
– Beef Salpicao Php2,500.00
– Korean Beef Stew Php2,050.00
– Beef Stroganoff Php2,300.00
– Salisbury Steak Php1,900.00
– Steamed Rice (good for 15 persons) Php750.00
– Potato Salad (good for 15 persons) Php400.00
– Buttered Vegetables (per canister) Php250.00
– Corn Relish (per canister) Php250.00
PASTRIES    (minimum of 24pcs. per variant)
Mini Chocolate Balls Php15.00
Cashew Nut Brownies Php20.00
Rocky Road Brownies Php20.00
Apple Cheese Pudding Php25.00
Mini Sylvannas Php25.00
Mini Mango Cake Php20.00
Mini Amaretto Cake Php20.00
Mini Cupcake Php25.00
KIDDIE MEALS-TO-GO    (for kids 10years old and below)
– Macaroni with Choice of One Sauce (Cream, Tomato Meat or Cheese), Chicken Nuggets, Hotdog on Stick, Moist Choco Balls, Dalandan Juice. Php240.00/head
– Macaroni with Choice of One Sauce (Cream, Tomato Meat or Cheese), Chicken Nuggets, Choice of Nachos or French Fries, Choice of Mini Pizza or Mini Burger, Moist Choco Balls, Dalandan Juice. Php285.00/head
*** all prices. vat inclusive. ***

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